John’s Conservative Plan for a Stronger, More Prosperous Middle Georgia

Grow Our Economy – I want to ensure that our community succeeds in the future. I want our district to be a place where our citizens can get good paying jobs, and after our kids graduate from college, I want them to be able to come back here and find high-paying jobs. I believe that Middle Georgia can truly be a hub for economic growth, prosperity, and opportunity. To do that, however, it is vital that we have a hardworking conservative leader in the Senate who will foster job growth by supporting existing businesses and attracting new ones by passing conservative reforms.

Respecting Taxpayers—Balanced Budgets, Less Spending, and Lower Taxes – Growing up I was taught to work hard and to respect every dollar you earned by spending them wisely. That’s how I have lived my life, and those are the values I will take to the State Senate to protect taxpayers.  You can trust that I will be a leader in the Senate who will work hard to protect taxpayers by stopping tax increases, eliminating wasteful spending and balancing the state’s budget.

World-Class Schools Every child deserves a world-class education so that he/she has the tools needed to achieve his/her dreams. It is vital to our future economic success that we have great schools and an educated workforce. In the State Senate I will work hard to pass reforms that will increase accountability and flexibility and protect local control of our schools in order to ensure that our children receive a world-class education vital to succeed in the future.

Oppose Obamacare in GeorgiaIn the Senate I will do everything I can to oppose Obamacare and to protect our local doctors and hospitals. I also believe it is important to the state of Georgia to reform Medicaid to reduce costs and to sustain quality healthcare in Middle Georgia.

Protect our FarmersAgriculture is a vital part of our economy and our way of life. As the number one industry in Georgia, our farmers and agribusinesses must be promoted and protected. I will work with our farmers and agribusinesses to help them expand and create new, innovative agriculture projects that will help spur the economy and create new jobs.

Protect Robins Air Force Base – Robins Air Force Base is an important economic driver in Middle Georgia. It provides jobs to hundreds of our Middle Georgia families, and it must be protected. You have my word that I will do everything in my power and ability to protect the base.

Stand Strong for our Conservative ValuesIn the State Senate I will stand strong in support of our conservative values. I will never waiver. Too often politicians say they share our values only to let us down. As your Senator, you have my word that I will stand strong to protect the sanctity of human life and our 2nd Amendment freedoms.