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Erick Erickson Endorsement

April 17, 2014

ERICKSON: A few Friday observations


March 7, 2014

My friend John Kennedy is running for the state Senate in District 18. That is the district that is represented by Cecil Staton who is retiring. It covers all of Crawford, Monroe, Peach and Upson counties and parts of Bibb and northern Houston counties.

I met Kennedy back when I practiced law. He worked upstairs at another firm but was often in our office at lunchtime visiting my friend Tripp, now Judge Tripp Self. John is a tremendously good guy. Like one would say about all politicians in the South, he’s a good family man. But more than that — for this race — John Kennedy is an intelligent and competent man.

In this day and age, anyone with a deep pocket can buy their way into office whether they are competent or not. John does not have deep pockets, but he has vast reserves of integrity, intelligence and competence. He would be a tremendous asset for Middle Georgia in the state’s General Assembly.

Keep your eye on John Kennedy. He is absolutely worth supporting.

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